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Google Launching a New Digital Store: Cloud Based Software

Google is launching a new digital store to sell cloud-based software. They are partnering with MobileIron for this venture.The partnership builds on Google’s acquisition of Orbitera, a platform for cloud marketplaces, in late 2016.

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Google‘s cloud business is third, behind Amazon and Microsoft Azure. Google is chasing Amazon.com Inc., the market leader in the cloud. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has operated a similar kind of software store since 2012. Google’s G Suite is also in an uphill battle for corporate software customers against long-time leader Microsoft Corp.

Google and MobileIron are launching a cloud services store that will help app developers with branding, billing, secure cloud access and analytics. MobileIron’s stock jumped as much as 14 percent on Tuesday after announcing a partnership with Google. The new product will enhance Google’s G Suite, an online store for the company and third-party applications, allowing customers to tap an even larger number of external services through the Google universe.

Google had acquired the startup Orbitera in 2016. In a new blog post about the new store, Google says the collaboration is designed to bring together Google Cloud’s Orbitera commerce platform with MobileIron’s app distribution, security, and analytics capabilities.

Google’s new initiative has stiff competition from not only Amazon and Microsoft but also AT&T. AT&T offers a virtual private network to allow users to securely connect to cloud services. However, the new entrant will allow users to pay for many services together, as well as bringing Google’s scale and cachet to try to popularize the trend. The store will likely launch in the second half of 2018.

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