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Gmail Finally Gets Ability to Schedule Emails

Gmail has turned 15. You probably saw the Doodle on Gmail for the web when you are opening it. And Google is celebrating Gmail’s birthday in the most Google way possible: sofware updates. Yes, Google releases some improvements to the smart compose feature and has added an email scheduling capability to Gmail now.

The Smart compose feature is the feature that gives you suggestions on the things that you might write next based on the things that you’ve written and based on your previous emails. It’s all like AI and stuff and I have found it becoming more and more useful the more I used it.

Google introduced this feature to the public on May 2018. The updated version, says Google, “can now adapt to the way you write,” matching your individual writing style (according to the Verge).

This might mean that now Smart Compose will learn your specific style better. Like if you like to write Hey Y’all instead of Hey Guys, Google will suggest Y’all after Hey even if most of the Gmail users write Guys after Hey. Another improvement is that Smart Compose will now also suggest subject lines based on the body of your email.

Google says it will bring this feature to iOS soon.

The next update is the addition of email scheduling feature and I am furious that Google was so late to add this feature. But it’s Gmail’s birthday, so I’ll let them pass this time. Now, you don’t have to stay up late to send an email during the working hours in the US. You can schedule your email to be sent after a certain time or at a certain hour or “tomorrow morning”. This is a very convenient feature and I am glad Google finally added it to Gmail.

How to Schedule Emails in Gmail?

To use this feature, just go to the compose screen. Write your email and click on the clock icon at the side of the send button to choose when you want the email to be sent. Now you can write a ‘Happy Birthday’ email for your boss today when you remember it and schedule it to be sent tomorrow. You don’t need to worry constantly anymore.

Seriously, Gmail has been one of the most important Google products that we use in our daily lives. And it is so cool that it is already 15 years old. I would like to thank this service for not forcing me to use Outlook. May it always be free and always be friendly. Happy Birthday, Gmail.

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