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DOTM Clarifies: Embossed Number Plate is Mandatory, But Conditions Apply!

The Department of Transportation Management (DOTM) has issued a notice to make embossed number plates in Nepal compulsory.

Following the widespread criticism, the DOTM has reissued its clarification on the matter. It has set the deadline for Sharwan 01, 2079 (July 17, 2022).

However, that deadline is only applicable to those vehicles following certain criteria.

  • New Vehicles Registered after November 17, 2021
  • Vehicle Ownership Transferred after February 13, 2022
  • Vehicle Ownership Renewal after May 15, 2022

Hence, vehicles registered after Mangsir 2078 must install new number plates within a month. Vehicles registered before Mangsir 2078 can apply for the number plates during their respective vehicle renewal dates.

Those who defy the notice will be slapped with fines or penalties accordingly.

According to the Vehicles and Transport Management Act 1993, the vehicle owner can face 6-month jail time or be slapped with a fine of Rs. 5000 – Rs. 15000.

This system is currently available in the Bagmati and Gandaki provinces. So, it is now mandatory only for those provinces to install new number plates in Nepal.

Embossed Number Plates in Nepal Explained

Embossed number plates will provide both safety and security for all vehicles. The plates are camera-readable and easily trackable with the built-in GPS.

So, it will carefully address scenarios like revenue collection, digital records, vehicle theft, and road accidents.

Embossed Number Plate Explained
Embossed Number Plate Explained

State Code: It states the province the vehicle was registered (example: Bagmati, Gandaki).

Type of Vehicle: It states the category of vehicles, such as two-wheeler, three-wheeler, four-wheeler, etc. The categories are available from A to K.

As an example, A is reserved for Motorcycles, Scooter, and Moped. Whereas, B is reserved for Car, Jeep, MicroBus, etc.

Vehicle Age Identifier Code: It states the age of the vehicle. Early adopters of the Embossed number plate get AA as their first Vehicle Age Identifier Code.

Vehicle Number: It is the unique four-digit number given to all vehicles.

DOTM website has detailed procedures listed to apply for those new number plates. You can check out the link as follows.

How to Apply for an Embossed Number Plate in Nepal?

  1. Learn the process to get an Embodied Number Plate here.
  2. Learn to Fill Out Forms in the Pre-Enrollment Form here.
  3. Apply for Pre-Enrollment Online here.

Embossed Number Plate Price in Nepal

Please note that there are different rates subjected to different kinds of vehicles. Moreover, the location to install those number plates is subjective to their respective types.

Following table details that information.

Vehicle Type Rates Location
Two Wheelers Rs. 2500 DOTM Office – Gurjudhara
Three Wheelers Rs. 2900 Vehicle Fitness Test Center – Teku
Four Wheelers Rs. 3200 Vehicle Fitness Test Center – Teku
Heavy Vehicles Rs. 3600 DOTM – Ekantakuna
Government Vehicles - DOTM – Minbhawan

*For Gandaki Province, please visit the respective Transport Management Office and its subordinate offices at Pokhara.

Embossed Number Plate History

DOTM reached an agreement with Tiger IT Corporation in May 2016. The company would supply and install the plates going forward.

In November 2020, the system came into effect with an aim to install new number plates on all vehicles within one year. However, it got delay due to COVID-19 restriction.

Hence, the DOTM made another attempt to fast-track the process.

It issued another notice in January 2022. It states that embossed number plates in Nepal are compulsory to renew vehicle registration.

Just four months later, DOTM has freshly issued a new notice going back on its initial word. However, it has been stated that the new notice applies to vehicles registered after Mangsir 2078.

Issues with New Numbers Plates

The “high-security” number plates have received heavy backlash from the general public.

There are issues with the quality and long-term reliability of these number plates. Furthermore, the charge rates to request and install those new plates have been criticized as a blatant cash grab. Especially since DOTM has yet to establish proper infrastructure in place.

Moreso, Bangladeshi firm Tiger IT and its CEO were blacklisted for fraud by the World Bank in 2019. Nepal Government had signed a $44 million contract with a subsidiary of Tiger IT Bangladesh to issue new number plates.

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