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Doohan iTank, Aggressive Tri-Wheel Electric Scooter, Coming to Nepal

Doohan is the latest electric scooter brand preparing its entry into the Nepali market.

Doohan iTank price nepal
Doohan iTank

Kaliber Auto, the authorized distributor of Doohan e-Scooters in Nepal, is prepping up to introduce four Doohan e-Scooter models: Doohan iTank, Doohan iTango, Doohan Uranus, and Doohan E-Swan.

Interestingly, it offers something completely different and unique, even for an e-Scooter.

For that reason, we will talk about each Doohan model individually. Right now, let’s put our focus on one specific model.

Let’s start with Doohan iTank.

Doohan iTank Specifications

  • Motor: 1490W / 3000W BOSCH
  • Battery: 60V26AH
  • Peak Torque: 128 Nm
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Range: 45Km – 75Km in Single Battery (90Km – 140Km in Double Battery)
  • Top Speed: 45Kmph (70Kmph in 3000W)
  • Charging Time: 5-6 hours (Quick Charging Support)
  • Tyres: 80/100-12 (Front) / 120/70-12 (Rear) – Disc
  • Tubeless Tyres: Yes
  • Braking Type: e-ABS
  • Weight: 99 – 108 Kg
  • Ground Clearance: 130mm
  • Colors: Red, Black, and White

Doohan iTank Price in Nepal: TBA

Doohan iTank Overview


Following in the footsteps of iTango, iTank also proudly features a tri-wheel design.

It is driven by alienation with its aesthetic design.

Doohan iTank Front View
Doohan iTank Front View

Again, the main body shape is inspired by geometric elements. However, the styling components are made even more aggressive.

Befitting its name, the iTank feels like a real tank with its Doohan Dual-Front Wheel Technology (DDWT-S). This makes the e-Scooter stand out while making it more stable and safer.

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The styling elements are simplified, but it is slightly more personalized with premium materials. It gets an aviation level wrought aluminum suspension complete with stylish 12-inch tyres.

Doohan iTank Rear View
Doohan iTank Rear View

Both the front and rear sections get LED lights and LCD panels. Like other e-Scooter, it gets a high-quality plastic build.

Doohan iTank will be available in three different colors: Red, Black, and White.


Doohan iTank is available in three engine configurations: Single-Battery, Double-Battery, and Double-Battery with Powerful Motor.

Talking about the first configuration, Doohan iTank is powered by a 1490W Bosch Motor capable of going to a top speed of 45Kmph. It comes with a 60V26Ah Lithium battery, packing in a range of 50Km (at 45kmph speed) and 75Km (at 25Kmph speed).

Doohan iTank Side View
Doohan iTank Side View

Moving on to the double-battery configuration, it produces similar powertrain figures with double range. So, riders will get a range of 90Km (at 45Kmph speed) and 140Km (at 25Kmph speed).

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Likewise, there is an additional configuration with a 3000W Bosch motor configuration along with the double battery configuration. While it does produce higher power train figures, the range is limited at 60Km (at 70Kmph speed).

The average charge time is 5-6 hours. Furthermore, the battery comes with an Intelligent Battery Protection System.

So, the battery supports Quick Charge while it is protected against over-discharge, short-circuit, temperature, overcurrent, etc.


Doohan iTank comes with the following list of features.

Doohan iTank Feature Highlights

  • Dual-Front Wheel Technology System (DDWT-S)
  • Lightweight Body
  • Segment-First Tri-Wheel Styling
  • 1200W or 3000W Bosch Motor
  • 128Nm Max Torque
  • Double Battery Capability
  • Lithium Battery with Intelligent Battery Management System
  • Three-Disc Brakes with eABS System
  • Roll-Lock System

Doohan iTank Price in Nepal and Availability

Doohan iTank price in Nepal has not yet been revealed. Taking battery and performance figures into consideration, it will be a premium offering.

Doohan iTank will be available in three different variants: Single-Battery, Double-Battery, and Dual-Battery with 3000W Motor.

As for the availability, Doohan iTank is expected to arrive sometime in May 2021.

These are the details we know so far, we will be sure to update in the future.

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