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Feeling sick? How about a house call from a doctor? – Doctor-at-Home.com

Homecare is the new buzzword within Kathmandu’s fast expanding healthcare sector. Hoping to cash in on the rising demand for at-home medical services, especially among the city’s geriatric population, an increasing number of healthcare chains are now seen foraying into this lucrative market.

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Among the latest entrants is the Doctor-at-Home group that only recently announced the launch of its new services. Largely aimed at catering to the elderly and critically-ill, this team has been designed to offer an array of services – from round-the-clock doctor consultation facility and routine health check-up to necessary medical treatment, diagnosis and even sample collection.

Mr. Kshitij Munankami, CEO, Doctor-at-Home
Mr. Kshitij Munankami, CEO, Doctor-at-Home

“Commuting to hospitals to access health care has become a challenge for senior citizens these days. Particularly those staying on their own finding it extremely difficult. It is for this reason that a brand like ours decided to enter `Homecare’,” said Mr. Kshitij Munankami, CEO, Doctor-at-Home.

Will it impact the business of hospitals?

Doctor-at-Home does not think so. It believes homecare is an industry that will see a big boom in Nepal in the next decade. This business is complementary to the hospitals in ensuring brand continuum, care continuum… It also enables them to reduce the average length of stay and ensures efficient utilization of existing bed capacity. They can also improve the average revenue per occupied bed if they work out the synergy in the right manner with the home care providers. The existing health care system is overburdened and Kathmandu urgently requires a robust home health care delivery mechanism to deal with the massive need brought on by the country’s rapidly growing population and growth of chronic diseases.

People are living longer and are living with illnesses that are chronic in nature and need recurrent visits to doctors. Home care is an initiative to reach beyond hospitals, to patients and their families, to not just add years to the lives, but also add life to the years that are ahead of us.


Author Bio

Mr. Kshitij Munankami
CEO of Doctor-at-Home
Bhatebhateni Marg, Naxal
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 014415454/9823275006

He feels that his greatest strengths are firstly his strong commitment to providing a professional service to fellow colleagues. His real passion is for the business field as a whole, an obsession which allows him to spot trends and develop best practice processes.

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of TechLekh.)

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