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Colors Mobile Nepal Teases a Phone with 18:9 Aspect Ratio

Colors, one of the few smartphone manufacturers based in Nepal, is loved for its budget smartphones. Their Colors S11 was very well received. It had been some time since they launched another phone, nearly 5 months. Now they have teased a new phone.

The details are pretty much non-existent until now. Colors uploaded a 9 seconds teaser video on their Facebook page with the caption: bigger is better. It didn’t give us any hints on the upcoming phone. Just the fact that it will have an 18:9 aspect ratio.

They seem to have stated elsewhere that the phone will ship with Android Go, and it will cost below 8000. That is a great news for budget customers. Android go is a leaner version of the normal Android software that can run smoothly on the low-powered device.

This means that a smartphone with 1GB RAM won’t have to dedicate the same amount of resources as the one with 6GB RAM to run the same software. Google has worked to reduce the size of its native apps like Maps, and YouTube to give users some space in the limited storage of budget smartphones. The normal Google Maps app is around 50 MB in size, but the Google Maps go is just 134KB!!! That is a drastic size reduction.

It is normal to think that such size reduction will mean poor performance or way less feature. But, you’ll be surprised to see that you are wrong. Some functions such as offline maps are missing, otherwise, the experience of using both of these apps is similar. The UI is familiar and easy to use. Same can be said about the YouTube Go app.

It has been said that the phone may have 1GB RAM capacity. Android Go was made for machines exactly like this. We think the phone won’t perform poorly even if the RAM is not that high.

This is the only information that we have for you right now. We will tell you all about it once the phone really shows its face.

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