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Chaudhary Group Introduces ‘CG NET’ Fiber Internet Service in Nepal

CG Communications Ltd., a subsidiary of CG (Chaudhary Group) has launched its internet service in Nepal as CG NET.

CG NET Fiber Internet Service in Nepal
CG NET Fiber Internet Service in Nepal

With the catchphrase “Speed That Matters” CG NET is offering 120Mbps internet at just Rs. 999/month. 120Mbps for Rs. 999? We have become accustomed to such low bandwidths that this sounds almost unrealistic.

Anyways, their internet service is limited to certain areas of Kathmandu as of now. Let’s take a brief look at their packages, prices, and FUP in this article.

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CG Fiber Internet Service Plans

CG has been trying to up its game in the communication sector by launching its own mobile network but they have been unable to get a unified license that will allow them to launch both GSM and CDMA networks. Instead, they have launched CG NET, a fiber internet service in Nepal.

CG NET offers both residential and enterprise internet solutions. And, they are claiming to provide the fastest internet service in Nepal at almost half the price of what other ISPs are asking.

Let’s take a look at their introductory offer of 120Mbps which only costs Rs. 999/month.

CG NET Package and Prices

Plan 1 month3 month6 month12 month
120 MbpsRs. 999Rs. 2,997Rs. 5,994Rs. 11,988
One time Set-Up charge
Installation ChargeFreeFreeFreeFree
Drop Wire ChargeFreeFreeFreeFree
Single Band RouterRs. 2500Rs. 2000Rs. 1500Free
Dual Band RouterRs. 3500Rs. 3000Rs. 2500Free
Refundable depositRs. 500Rs. 500Rs. 500Rs. 500

*Note: The prices are TSC inclusive and 13% VAT is applicable on the prices.

The speed on offer for the price is unbelievable, isn’t it? For the sake of comparison, Worldlink’s fastest bandwidth option of 80 Mbps costs Rs. 22,000 per year. It is quite apparent that CG’s internet package is superior to other ISPs at least on paper right now.

If it is as fast as it claims, CG could be taking over the whole internet scene of Nepal in years to come.

As of now, CG only offers fiber internet service. So, you won’t be getting TV packages along with the internet. Anyhow, CG is also looking forward to launching IPTV and various other services in near future.

CG NET Coverage Area

Right now, CG NET is only available in limited areas like Jawalakhel, Jhamsikhel, and Ekantakuna. CG NET will be extending its coverage to every nook and corner of the Kathmandu valley in the upcoming months.

Also, there will be customer service centers in areas like Jawlakhel, Kumaripati, Kritipur, and Nayabazar.

CG NET’s Fair Usage Policy

With a growing number of concurrent users, there’s a massive growth in bandwidth consumption in every household right now. And, this has led to various issues regarding FUP as well. So, what’s the FPU level of CG NET? Check it out.

FUP LevelData Usage QuotaFUP Speed Policy
Original Data BandwidthData Consumption to 1900 GB120 MBPS Original Speed
Level 1Data Consumption 1900-2000 GB50% of original
Level 2Data Consumption2000-2100 GB30% of original
Level 3Data Consumption More than 2100 GB10% of original

The FUP threshold of CG NET is the highest among all the ISPs of Nepal. The data usage is calculated by adding both the download and upload data used every month. There is no restriction if your data usage is under 1900GB/month which is more than flexible.

CG’s Strong Interest in Telecommunication Sector

CG NET already looks impressive and it’s not a secret that CG has already invested heavily in the telecom/communication sector. Despite the intent and investment, NTA has been declining the unified license to CG citing various problems which you can read in detail in this article.

Though they have not been able to enter the telecommunication sector, they have shown a strong intent with their entry into the ISP market.

What do you think of CG NET? Will it be the best ISP of Nepal in the future?

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