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Should You Buy Existing Huawei Phones? [You Asked, We Answered!]

Many of our Nepali followers were concerned and sent us queries regarding US-Huawei Issue. Should we buy Huawei phones? How will we get affected? To answer all of your queries we had a short meeting with Huawei Nepal’s country director and in response, he told us that existing customer will receiver updates/ security patches and feature upgrades as well.

He added that customers won’t face any problems with newly launched devices as well, recently Huawei launched Y5 and Y7 Pro with a fingerprint sensor. Also, he reiterated that the new phones won’t be launched if it’s supposed to affect the user experience. So, you can purchase any of the existing Huawei devices without any doubts.

Google Services and App Support

Thus, you will be able to use Google services on all of the Huawei smartphones that are currently available on the market including the latest release. There won’t be any problems regarding user experience or app experience. All of the applications available on the Google Play Store will run properly on currently available Huawei smartphones. And, this will stand true for the current Huawei smartphones available in the market even after the 90 days.

Some people are even going on about Huawei not supporting Facebook. It’s just that Facebook might not be pre-installed. If that’s the case, you can, of course, download it later. So, no worries there as well.

Are There any Issues Right Now & What Happens After the 90 Day Period?

So, let’s say if you buy a P30 lite after the 90 day period, you won’t have any problem with the google services, any apps, or any updates from Huawei. Everything will run smooth. Personally, I have also been using the P30 pro, one of the best phones of 2019 and so far I haven’t had any problems even after this issue.

Moreover, some of my colleagues are looking to buy these phones right now. Like them, some people think that Huawei would slash prices on the majority of their smartphones but it won’t happen. We confirmed with Huawei official’s regarding this matter as well.

Furthermore, we haven’t received any complaints from our followers regarding any problems they have faced on their Huawei devices. So, we can safely say that there are no problems with existing Huawei devices.

Some of our followers even called us to know if they should buy a new Huawei phone and also if they should update their existing Huawei phones. Consumers were gravely concerned. Thus, this is our response to our followers and other fellow consumers.

So, should you really buy Huawei devices? Personally, I don’t see any problem with buying existing Huawei smartphones in Nepal. We will get all the Google services and we will continue to receive updates from Huawei. However, while buying future Huawei smartphones it’s for us to see if they come with Google’s Android or some other OS from Huawei and then decide.

Things You Should Know

Now, let’s see what is going on right now as we start from 15th May 2019. Many of you must know about the trending issue; Huawei on US entity list. On 15th May, the US government put Huawei on the “Entity List” that barred American companies from doing business with Huawei. Over the next 5 days, Google, Intel, Qualcomm, and ARM announced they will comply with the U.S order and stop working with Huawei. However, on 20th May U.S announced a 90 Day temporary lift on the ban.

Google announced that services like Google Play, Play Protect, YouTube, Gmail, and other Google services won’t be available to Huawei. However, this is limited to future Huawei devices. Those may have to turn to open-source Android, where users might have to install those apps separately.

But all these are still uncertain. Meaning, if you already own a Huawei smartphone then you don’t need to worry, all of these services will work on existing Huawei devices. Also, Google is working closely with Huawei to provide fast update and patches to Huawei devices so that the existing customers don’t get severely affected.

Latest Developments on the Issue

As of writing, Acting director of the Office of Management and Budget Russell T. Vought sent a letter to VP Mike Pence and members of Congress requesting a delay in the implementation of the forthcoming Huawei ban. As reported by The Wall Street Journal.

This whole situation has escalated due to the trade war between China and the U.S. One of the major reasons for the U.S to put Huawei on entity list is the 5G. The U.S has been citing Chinese companies, primarily Huawei, as a national security risk and also their reasoning behind this whole Entity List situation.

The U.S has alleged Huawei of spying and claims Huawei as a national security threat to the country. However, they haven’t provided any facts to back up their claims. In hindsight, the U.S also suffers by putting Huawei on their Entity List. Plenty of U.S companies are dependent on Chinese hardware makers and rural parts of the U.S seems to be gravely affected. Most of the rural telecom operator in the United States use Huawei devices and it has been estimated that it could take them 800 million – 1 billion to replace all of the Chinese devices including Huawei.

This issue is a big hit for consumers as well. Huawei is one of the fastest growing company and we were getting to see lot’s of interesting technology from Huawei. And, this can be considered as a setback not just for Huawei but for the whole tech community.

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