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2nd Gen Bose Frames Launched in Nepal: Sunglasses Integrated with Speakers!

EvoStore has launched the 2nd gen Bose Frames in Nepal. These glasses are the successor of the first Bose Frames which are already available in Nepal.

The Frames Tempo are meant for outdoor use like running, climbing, biking, and hiking
2nd Gen Bose Frames – Tempo – meant for outdoor use like running, climbing, biking, and hiking.

The 2nd Gen Bose Frames price in Nepal is Rs. 35,000. There are 3 variants: Tenor, Soprano, and Tempo. It is now available via EvoStore.

Bose Frames Tenor and Soprano are style-focused whereas the Tempo is for sport. Let’s take a brief look.

Bose Frames Specifications

  • Body (Sporano): 55 mm x 17 mm x 136 mm (Lens width – Distance between lenses – Temple length), 49 gms
  • Body (Tenor): 55 mm x 18 mm x 136 mm (Lens width – Distance between lenses – Temple length), 49 gms
  • Body (Tempo): 65 mm x 17 mm x 136 mm (Lens width – Distance between lenses – Temple length), 49 gms
  • Bluetooth® Version: 5.1
  • Battery Capacity: 5.5 hours (Tenor and Soprano), Tempo: 8 hours
  • Charging Port: Tempo: USB Type-C Charging, Tenor/ Soprano: Custom 4-pin charging cable
  • Colors: Black

Bose Frames Price in Nepal: Rs. 35,000

Bose Frames Overview


If you don’t know then you should know that the Bose Frames are sunglasses integrated with speakers. Bose introduced the first frame in 2019 and is now following up with three models. The two of them, Tenor and Soprano are casual and focuses on style whereas the Tempo has a sporty look.

Bose Frames Soprano
Bose Frames Soprano

All of these have polarized lenses that block out 99 percent of UV rays. “Their wafer-thin Bose systems are discreetly embedded in each arm without extra parts, visible screws, seams, or perforations,” Bose said in its press release, adding that the electronics add less than 50 grams of weight.

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Bose Frames Tempo can fit beneath most helmets. And, unlike the Tenor and Soprano which uses proprietary pogo-pin charging connectors, the Tempo gets a standard USB-C port for charging its battery.

Tenor and Soprano are scratch and shatter-resistant. But they only come with an IPX2 rating for sweat and water resistance whereas the Tempo comes with an IPX4 rating.


Bose has improved audio on all three models and claims clearer and richer sound than the first-gen frame. Among the three, Bose Frames Tempo has the highest fidelity as it comes with a 22mm driver in each arm and according to Bose, it is good enough for you to still hear the music when cycling at 25 mph.

Compared to the Tempo, Teno and Soprano get slighlty smaller 16mm drivers but Bose claims that bass response has been improved compared to the original Frames.

Bose Frames Tempo
Bose Frames Tempo

The Bose Frames come with an improved mic setup for voice calls. Bose mentions that they have replaced the previous single mic with a dual beam-forming array which shields what you’re sharing from wind, noise, and other nearby conversations. All of these also use Bose’s Volume Optimized EQ which allows all the frequencies to sound balanced at any listening level.

Connection & Controls

These Audio Sunglasses use capacitive touch and an integrated motion sensor to control your media.

Bose Frames Tenor
Bose Frames Tenor

Slide your finger along the right temple to adjust the volume. Double-tap to access your phone’s voice assistant. And when you’re done, take them off and place them upside down. They’ll sense the movement and turn off.

It uses Bluetooth V 5.1 with a range of 30ft.


The Bose Frames Tenor and Soprano offers up to 5.5 hours on a single charge while the Tempo provides up to 8 hours of battery.

It takes up to 1 hour to charge all three models.

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Bose Frames Price in Nepal and Availability

The 2nd gen Bose Frames price in Nepal is Rs. 35,000 for all the models. The Tenor and Soprano are available in medium sizes whereas the Tempo is available in medium and small sizes. It is now available via EvoStore.

I’m definitely intrigued by the Bose Frames to see how practical it feels in real life. While it is not going to provide audio quality like a good earphone I want to see if this thing is practical enough. But, it’s definitely a luxury item and a one of a kind accessory.

What do you think of the Bose Frames? Lets us know in the comments!

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