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Bluboo Smartphones Coming to Nepal; Bluboo S3 With 8500mAh Battery

Every now and then, a new brand comes to Nepal in the hopes of conquering the market. Big brands like Huawei and Oppo have the marketing chops to pull it off, but most of them fizzle out. That doesn’t stop new brands to set an ambitious goal for themselves. One of those brands is Bluboo. While a relatively unknown brand, even for us, its phones have got us all excited.

We have got intel that Bluboo will soon be launching its smartphones in Nepal, possibly in September. At first, they will come to Nepal with 4 phones: S3, S8, S8+, and D6. We don’t know how they’ll be priced, but they sure look good. The Bluboo S8 and S8+ look like the Samsung Galaxy S9+ and all the phones have 18:9 aspect ratio.

Though the S8+ looks like the Galaxy S9+, the screen is in no way similar. The Bluboo S8+ boasts an HD+ screen (not even a full HD resolution) from Sharp. This is definitely several steps below Samsung’s screen. For a 6″ screen, HD+ resolution doesn’t cut it, but we will give our final verdict on it after we see the phone in person. Other highlight features of the S8+ are 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage and a dual camera setup on the back.

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The S8 is an older version of the S8+. It has 3GB RAM and 32GB storage. The bezels are a little thicker. The performance is comparable to the S8+ but the extra RAM on the S8+ may make it a tad smoother under heavy multitasking operations. The S8 has a dual rear camera setup too.

The D6 might be the least good-looking phone of the bunch. It is also the least powerful. Inside, a MediaTek processor is paired with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. So, if you are looking for performance on the cheap, this phone may not be for you. The 18:9 aspect ratio still makes it onto this device, so does the dual rear camera set up. Other notable features of this phone are the fingerprint sensor and a facial unlock feature.


Now, though all the above phones we discussed were stylish and good-enough for the price, the S3 is what gets us excited. I will say it outright. This phone looks thin as hell but it packs a crazy, mind-boggling, 8500 mAh battery. That is more than twice the battery on the Note 9 (maybe thrice the one found on the iPhone X). If you were thinking this will take ages to charge, you’d be right. It takes nearly 2.5 hrs to top up fully, but for the size of the battery, this charge time is great.

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The screen on the S3 is a 1080P LCD panel from Sharp. It has features like NFC, and Face ID. This is the flagship phone from Bluboo and it looks very good. So, these are the phones of the new brand, Bluboo. We wish them a bright future ahead and look forward to seeing even newer brands offering their phones in Nepal.

What do you think of the phones from BLUBOO? Will they be hit or a miss, let us know in the comments below!

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