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Biomass Power Plants in Parsa lying Non-operational

Three biomass gasification power plants in Parsa have been lying non operational for a long time due to lack of parts, reports The Kathmandu Post.

The Details:

  • These plants were installed with the support of Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF) in Jagarnathpur, Mahadevpatti and Sonbarsa.
  • Jagarnathpur plant, the first gasification power plant of Nepal, was shut down as it could not compete with the cheaper rates of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA).
  • Mahadevpatti and Sonbarsa were modelled after Jagarnathpur but were in operational due to lack of parts.
  • Moreover, employees of the contracting company, Ganesh Engineering Workshop of Bihar, India, refused to visit the sites citing strikes and protests in the region. Nayan Singh, a technician of the company from Motihari, India, has not been seen since.

By the numbers:

  • The plant at Mahadevpatti cost an estimated Rs. 4.2 million with local women contributing labour valued at Rs. 450,000.
  • The Sonbarsa plant has an estimated cost of Rs. 4.4 million, with local women contributing labour worth Rs. 418,217.
  • The contracting company received Rs. 2.14 million in the first instalment and Rs. 607,000 in the second instalment.
  • The plants were planned to be built at a cost of Rs. 115,000 per kilowatt but the stations are barely functioning.

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