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Top 7 Best Filelinked Alternatives For Firestick & Fire TV in 2022

Yay, It is obvious that you’ve tried and tried and finally landed on this page. I am pretty sure that you want to explore your Firestick and have an awesome experience with it. Isn’t it?

The halfway around, I found that you would be looking for the best Fileliked alternatives for Firestick. Am I right? Don’t be too hurry and just relax. You’ll get the topmost Filelinked alternatives for your Firestick here.

And I’m sure that, you don’t need to refer to any other web page for the same. This guide will provide you with almost everything. You can utilize this page effectively and you will not be disappointed with the content.

Till now, what do you know about Firestick? It is actually a streaming device, used to install apps, play movies, songs and etc..,

So here, we’ll learn how to exploit the Firestick device and use Filelinked codes, thereby getting a humongous database of movies and shows for free.

Lemme just brief you about Filelinked.

What is Filelinked?

As I said earlier if you want to explore and make most of your Firestick TV, then you must have and use Filelinked.

Filelinked is a popular service that turns download links into a numeric code and allows us to watch entertainment content at ease.

It’s a prominent tool in the Firestick community for downloading apps and other utilities from outside the Amazon Appstore.

Filelinked is like an open-source platform where people create a code for their favorite application, share it through the community, and let access the other Firestick users.

Before reviewing Filelinked Alternatives of Firestick, let me first tell you why we need Filelinked Alternatives.

Why use Filelinked?

It’s not always easy to download the app every time. It is somewhat easy to download the app and install it if you’re using a smartphone or computer.

But, it’s not recommended always, as the apps are updating and tons of new apps are emerging. So it is very much appreciated that we have simple things by which we can get the updated apps on our devices.

When you’re using TV or something like Chromecast, it’s very difficult to download the application and install it on your devices. In that case, we need a big container that stores a bunch of apps. The Filelinked codes come under that category.

Even if we have easy access and simple import of the codes, it is somewhat risky to use Filelinked codes.

Nowadays, our research team found that the codes are spam and not getting the right content from them. So I suggest you use them at your discretion.

You may ask me, if not Filelinked, then what do I need to use? No worries, just follow my best Filelinked alternatives for your Firestick.

These are much easier and highly trusted alternatives. What are we waiting for? Just jump into the Best Filelinked Alternatives For Firestick 2021.

Best Filelinked Alternatives

You can find many alternatives for Firestick, rather I feel Quality is more important than Quantity. So I’m giving you the 7 best Filelinked alternatives.

1. Applinked

In one word, we can say is it is a Filelinked clone.

Applinked is considered the perfect replacement for Filelinked so far! It works similarly to the Filelinked. Through Applinked, you can download any app with a simple Code.

It quickly converts an APK link or group of APKs into numeric code and allows us to install the apps whenever we want.

Once is it installed, you just need to enter a code, select an app from that code and download the APK. The Applinked will install the app using the APK file.

You can download various applications across different categories, including movies, TV Shows, Live TV, sports, utility apps, and much more. One special feature about this Applinked is you can share images and videos through this app.

2. Filesynced

It is a popular streaming application that provides an easy method of installing the latest apps. Access the applications from Filesynced is very much like Filelinked. You simply enter a code into the Filesynced app and it provides the access to download the apps.

Filesynced doesn’t host any applications but it supports fast servers and delivers the content as quickly as possible.

With this application, you can access hundreds of codes and install many apps for free.

3. Apkbuilds

If you want the pure database of trending apps and want to know what happens in the entertainment industry, then you must have this platform in your preference list. It’s a go-to page for all your requirements.

Whatsoever the reason, our motto is to get free streaming apps and other utility apps. And there are many sources by which we will get them easily.

But the main problem is that all the applications such as Filelinked, APKMirror, and APTOIDE will shut down as time comes. In such cases, we can use APKBuilds that update the apps timely.

APKBuilds is the latest platform that provides free android apps and games. It not only provides streaming apps but you can also get the installation guides, new APKs, updates, and changelog of the applications.

4. Unlinked

Many people believe that Unlinked is the new clone of the Filelinked. After the shutdown of Filelinked, there is a huge spike in the users of Applinked and Filesynced. But, at the same time, we got this fantastic service that surpasses both of them.

Unlinked is an outstanding application and probably the best app that can replace the Filelinked app. It works similar to the Filelinked in that you need to enter a code.

It allows you to easily download and install the apps on your Firestick. The easy codes allow you to explore more about Unlinked.

5. Aptoide TV

It is the alternative version of the Amazon App Store or Google Play Store that can be used on Firestick. And it is the best Filelinked alternative for Firestick.

Using this Aptoid, a user can download any 3rd-party app of their choice and update them within a few seconds. It is the best option for those who use 3rd-party apps most of the time instead of using official apps.

Aptoide is well-known for its wide range of features. That includes ONE-click install, No subscription, latest apps and games, and ultimate design.

6. Downloader

Downloader is an application that is created for Amazon Firestick and Android TV Boxes. It is the easiest way to download apps from the internet onto a streaming device.

It features a built-in web browser made specifically work with remote control. This application is included with basic file management makes it possible to download, install, and delete files within the same interface.

Though there are other apps that are considered a replacement for Downloader applications, those are not that effective. To download and install Kodi on Firestick, Downloader is the only option.

7. APKTime

If you’re looking for all trending APKs such as Entertainment apps, Live TV apps, Music Apps, and Sports Apps, then APKTime is the perfect application for you.

APKTime is not available on Amazon Store, you must get the application from this site and sideload it by using Downloader Application.

It is a fantastic application that allows you to download all kinds of entertainment apps such as Cinema HD, Filmplus, Media Box and Tubi TV, etc..,


As promised earlier, I’ve given the top 7 Best Filelinked Alternatives for Firestick. Based on my personal experience and research through various sources, these are the best alternatives.

I have given the download links for each of them. Download and install the apps to enjoy the latest entertainment content on your Firestick. If you feel that some more apps to be added, please do comment below. We will review and add them accordingly.

Happy Steaming 🙂🙂🙂

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