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Apple Watch Series 4 Now Available in Nepal

Apple has a pretty extensive product lineup to rope their customers into their ecosystem. They have got the iPhone, the mac, the iPad, and other smaller products. One of them is the Apple watch. And according to most reviewers, its the best smartwatch in the market. The latest Apple Watch series 4 is here in Nepal – priced at Rs. 68,000.

The series 4 watches have larger screens than the old series 3 watches. Instead of 38mm and 42mm heights, you have 40mm and 44mm versions. And Apple even managed to keep nearly the same footprint by shrinking the bezels. The screen is 30% larger on both models. Apple’s using new technology to underpin the OLED display, called LTPO. This essentially means that Apple has made a screen that can vary its framerate to save battery,

Needless to say, the new watches look way better just because of the shrunken bezels. The entire back is now ceramic instead of just the heart-rate sensor.

Apple has added haptic feedback to the Digital Crown. When you’re scrolling through items on-screen, it gives you the feel of something clicking. This is very satisfying and gives you a good idea of how much you’ve scrolled.

The speakers on the Series 4 are 50% louder than before. And Apple has moved the microphone on the other side of the speaker which will probably make the call quality better.

A new smart feature in watchOS 5 (the OS introduced with the series 4 watches) is the automatic detection of workouts. If you start jogging without remembering to start a Workout in the app, Apple watch will give you a pop-up message saying that it thinks you’re out for a run and it will ask you if would you like to start a Workout? If you say yes it will turn out to have been tracking you since the start, so you don’t lose the first few minutes.

The main highlight when the watch released was the ECG feature built into the Apple watch. You have to touch the crown of the watch with your other hand while wearing the watch to take the ECG on your watch. The watch looks for irregular heartbeat rhythm: specifically, atrial fibrillation, which can cause or be a symptom of some serious problems.

However, doctors have said that people wearing the watch who are below 65 years of age should ignore this result and get on with their lives unless they experience some problem.

The new processor in Apple Watch Series 4 is twice as powerful as the one on the series 3. So, you can expect a super-snappy performance with series 4. The battery life is the same at 18hrs.

All in all, Apple Watch Series 4 is a fantastic smartwatch. But you’ll have to understand that it’s just an accessory as of yet. You should buy it only if you got plenty of cash to burn. You can find the watch here.

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