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Apple AirPods Max Available for Pre-Order in Nepal: Premium Price!

On December 8, Apple announced its first over-ear noise-canceling headphone called AirPods Max. And now Oliz Store, the authorized reseller of Apple products in Nepal, is accepting pre-order for AirPods Max in Nepal.

Apple AirPods Max
Apple AirPods Max

AirPods Max price in Nepal is Rs. 89,000. It is available in five colors: Sky Blue, Silver, Pink, Space Gray, and Green. You can pre-order the AirPods Max via Oliz Store.

AirPods Max is a noise-canceling over-ear headphone that is supposed to bring the magic of AirPods to an over-ear design with high-fidelity sound. It’s a premium headphone with a premium price of Rs. 89,000.

AirPods Max is a full-blown premium over-ear noise-canceling earphone from Apple. Let’s check out its features.

AirPods Max Specifications

  • Body: 168.6×187.3×83.4 mm, 384.8 g, 134.5g (smart case)
  • Audio Technology: Apple-designed dynamic driver, ANC, Transparency Mode, Adaptive EQ, Spatial Audio
  • Sensors: Optical, Position, Case-detect, Accelerometer, Gyroscope (left ear cup)
  • Mic: Three microphones for voice pickup (two shared with Active Noise Cancellation and one additional microphone)
  • Chip: Apple H1 headphone chip
  • Bluetooth® Version: 5.0
  • Battery Capacity: Up to 20 hours of listening time on a single charge with Active Noise Cancellation or Transparency mode enabled
  • Charging Port: Lightning connector
  • Colors: Sky Blue, Silver, Pink, Space Gray, and Green

AirPods Max Price in Nepal: Rs. 89,000

AirPods Max Overview


AirPods Max uses a stainless steel headband frame that provides strength, flexibility, and comfort for a variety of head shapes and sizes. Its breathable mesh canopy is supposed to distribute the weight equally and reduce on-head pressure.

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AirPods Max uses memory foam cushions which will be very comfortable. They are also removable and attach via magnets.


AirPods Max features a 40-mm Apple-designed dynamic driver that provides rich, deep bass, accurate mid-range, and crisp, clean high-frequency.

Equipped with an Apple-designed H1 chip in each ear cup, a custom acoustic design, and advanced software, AirPods Max uses computational audio to deliver the highest-quality listening experience.

AirPods Max features a 40-mm Apple-designed dynamic driver
AirPods Max features a 40-mm Apple-designed dynamic driver

Similar to other manufactures such as Bose and Sony, Apple’s noise-cancellation system also produces anti-noise to hush external sound by using six outward-facing microphones.

In addition, the two inward-facing mics measure what you’re hearing to cancel out additional distractions. And, Apple claims that the built-in beamforming mics help AirPods Max to perform well for voice calls even in windy conditions.

It also has a Transparency mode which can be activated with a single press using the noise control button. This allows users to hear the environment around them.

Apple AirPods Max Controls
Apple AirPods Max Controls

One of the other features that Apple showcased in its teaser video is that Spatial Audio. With the help of dynamic head tracking AirPods Max uses spatial audio to place sound virtually anywhere in the space for a theater-like experience.


Airpods Max features an impressive battery life of up to 20 hours of audio, talk time, or movie playback with Active Noise Cancellation and spatial audio enabled.

Apple AirPods Max SmartCase
Apple AirPods Max Smart Case

It also comes with a soft, slim Smart Case that puts AirPods Max in an ultralow-power state that helps to preserve battery charge when not in use.

Additional Features

AirPods Max takes advantage of Apple’s ecosystem as it can seamlessly switch between iPhone, iPad, and Mac. When playing music on Mac, users can easily take a call on iPhone and AirPods Max will automatically switch over.

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The Audio Sharing feature enables it to hare audio stream between two sets of AirPods on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Apple TV. Then it also has Siri capabilities to play music, make phone calls, and others.

Apple AirPods Max Price in Nepal and Availability

Apple AirPods Max price in Nepal is Rs. 89,000. It is available in five colors: Sky Blue, Silver, Pink, Space Gray, and Green. It is available for pre-order on Oliz Store.

Apple Headphone Price in Nepal
Apple AirPods Max Rs. 89000

AirPods Max looks stunning and it’s a luxury headphone at this price tag. We know how good Apple’s AirPods is and it’s sure that AirPods Max will follow suit. Though other headphone manufacturers have top-notch over-ear headphones with a better design than Apple, AirPods Max can take advantage of Apple’s Ecosystem.

What do you think of the price of Apple AirPods Max in Nepal? Let us know in the comments!

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